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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Online Jobs in Pakistan at home for Students - Free Jobs Pakistan

Online Jobs in Pakistan at Home for Students

Howdy Fellows in today's blogpost I will discuss about how you can get an online job in Pakistan without any kind of investment and it's especially for students in Pakistan who are searching an online job to full fill their needs and Expense it will be also handy for that users who might be interested in doing part time job.

What kind of Jobs you can Find and do?

So now let's talk about what kind of jobs you can do and find online first all you need to memorize that without having skills you can't get job no matter it's online or real world part time job so first of all think what kind of skills you have or what kind of tasks you can  perform online better than others.

Learning Skills for Online Job

If you are having a good command in any kind of software such as Adobe Photoshop or any other demanding software in the market than you are the lucky one if not than you can also search and learn these kind of software online based on your interest this is the most effective and working way of getting a part time job online in Pakistan without skill

Jobs without Skills and Investment

it's very difficult to survive in this field however if you have no time to learn skills and you want to get job and earn money online so finally here's the job that you are searching for without requiring any kind of skills and investment its the Data Entry Job!

What are Data Entry Jobs?

All a data entry job entails is simply reading and understanding information (weather it be words, code, numbers, sales information, etc.) and entering it into a computer. Most likely they will use a program similar to Microsoft Excel, so I suggest you know how to use it if you don't already.

Basically it is Read - Understand - Type into program - Check information is Correct

That is all you will probably have to do. You are essentially creating records of information for your company. You could be working for a media company, medical billing office, doctors office, insurance company, etc. It is a broad spectrum but you will pretty much do the same thing with each employer.
Finding Free Data Entry Jobs in Pakistan
you can find data entry jobs on many jobs board website such as we want to work with locality people pakistani companies provide online data entry jobs as part time or full time in office if you can speak good english and have good communication skills and good command over internet than you can choose international outsourcing (Freelancing) website for getting free data entry job they often pay more as compare to local pakistani companies so the choice is all yours,
Here are some Trusted websites where you can find free online jobs in pakistan

  1. Odesk - Data Entry Jobs
  2. Freelancer - Data Entry Jobs
  3. Elance - Data Entry Work

Pakistan Data Entry Jobs Board

Open any website hit search data entry and choose and apply your desired Job

  1. Rozee.pk
  2. Bayrozgar
  3. Mustakbil

Is Data Entry Job is Good for you?
Remember couple of things before choosing this way because
  1. there's competition and it mean quite hard competition for jobs. 
  2. few jobs and more jobs seekers , this will be the tough job.
  3. because no skills jobs are mostly manualed handed so need patience to survive with it.

How easy it is?

So there is only one online job in Pakistan without any kind of charges and these are free online jobs in pakistan every student can do that it's the data entry all you need is your typing skills and some internet knowledge it's quite simple and easy.

online captcha jobsOnline Captcha Jobs

Have to log in a specific website with an id and password and type small images showing texts.  For example look like in the picture on right side:
You type the text as it is (image files to convert text files ) on a text box repeatedly. If you have a good typing skill then this site can be a great opportunity for you.

How Much does it Pays?

Both Type of Works Pays Different Rates and listed following:

For Data Entry

Pay for data entry from home can range as little as $1 per hour up to the average rate for an office-based data entry operator. Of course, no jobs will advertise $1 per hour work, but the complicated per-piece pay structures can work out to be that little. its mostly trusted than captcha jobs.

For Captcha Jobs

Most of the time low paying maybe 1$ Per 1000 words and You can easily type around 1000 captcha in one hour and you will earn $0.85 – $1.25 per 1000 entries (depends on peak timings) that is $1/hour, so just imagine if you work for 5 hours a day you could earn $5 a day and $150 a month.Normal Candidates do this work 1 hour. Typing speed candidates do this work with in 30 min If you working daily for 5 hours you will earn $10 (No time LImit for work , 24/7).
Data Entry Jobs Rates are Different these more paying and guaranteed paying

Risks and Scammer are Everywhere

and there lot of scammers who are scamming people with the name of online captcha jobs in Pakistan and charge them couple of thousands of rupees and then they don't payout them so choose wisely i will discuss about these kinds of jobs scams in Pakistan some other time.

Need Help - Support

Confused about anything need help you can just drop and comment i will answer your question as soon as Possible also share this post if you find it informational and helpful! Thanks Support this Blog by Sharing to get more Like this!
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