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Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan For Free

how to earn money online in pakistan
Do you really want to make some money online so that you can pay some extra bills, or you will have some extra cash in your pocket? I was a person like you. I didn't have any money to spend on internet and wished to earn money from it. But I was ready to work hard and spend my time on it. If you can also spend some
time of you in these fields you too can make money. Among the many uses of the internet, one is earning money online. There have been a lot of theories about this phenomena but the reality is that there is huge potential of making money on the internet. No and any Investment is not Need for this type of Work!

Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

Here are the Some ways I used to make money from internet without spending a dime. Ever since the internet was made accessible to the public, people started to make use of this evolutionary invention in their own ways. 

Earn Money Online in Pakistan by Freelance Working:

Freelance working is one best way to earn hundreds of dollars or more than that. Sites like Elance.com, 99designs.com offer such opportunities. In 99designs.com, one can participate in any designing contest they have and if you are selected as the contest winner then you will have some good amount of money in your account. I tried my luck in there, but the competition is really tough and winning can be difficult. If you win some contest you could earn anywhere from $50 to $3000.
In Elance.com you place yourself ready to be engaged in freelance working. It can be tutoring others, designing, coding and anything that you can imagine of. And you can place an hourly rate for your work. If someone wanted some help they will pay you that rate and hire you to work.

Earning Money with Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan:

Affiliate marketing is the profitable job on Internet. You will earn commission for selling others products. Clickbank.com is a perfect place where you can find digital products like e-books, software's etc for sale. Most products have commissions above 40 percent and up to 75 percent. You have to just place a review about the product on your site including the affiliate link to the product. If your site receives lot of traffic then you can make some sales and thereby earn commissions. But a chance for earning money through Affiliate Marketing is less. It depends upon your ability to get others to click your affiliate link.

Sell Items to Earn Money On eBay:

This is known to all. E-bay offers platforms for anyone to sell their old products. It is just a horrifying method of earning money online. Instead it cannot be included in this list. Because the only work you do online is just placing a description and price about the product on E-bay. If someone wishes to buy the product you will have to do all those packing stuffs and parceling things. I don't like this and have never tried this. But it is a really profitable business.

Paid To Blogging:

Paid to blogging is something most newbie bloggers do. Submit your blog to sites like payperpost.com, sponsoredreviews.com. When your blog is approved you could bid on any open projects and write an article about the product on your blog. Mostly they are product reviews and a link is provided which you should include the post. You will be awarded the bid rate.

Earning with Blogging in Pakistan:

Blogging is the toughest way to earn money. It takes time and your hard work to earn money. Earning from blogging depends on the traffic you are getting to your blog. You could make money from your blogs from affiliate marketing and by advertising. Google AdSense is a way to advertise your blog with ads which will earn you money when someone clicks on the ads. They have high CPC rate from anywhere between 1 cent and $1.5.

Earn Money Online by Taking Surveys as a Pakistani

Taking surveys is a good way to make money. Sites like surveysavvy.com pay its users about $50 for completing surveys. The amount varies for different surveys and that it is the maximum amount offered to me. But unfortunately I was not eligible for the survey. People from US have the most chancing of getting offers from them and it is important that you are eligible for the survey to complete offers. For this update your profile frequently and provide true opinions.

Paid to Download and Upload

Some sites allow you to make money uploading files to their sites. Downloading is also encouraged. But the earnings are not great. So I stopped this method. If you always download something, then do it from these sites, so that you could get the files and some money for doing nothing.

Publishing Pictures:

You could earn money when someone downloads pictures you have uploaded to sites like istockphotos.com. There are other sites which pay depending on the performance of the photos. That is if the photos uploaded by you receives 1000 views then you are paid some amount of money. Don't upload any photos that are not taken by you. It will let you into lots of trouble. And frankly saying, I haven't yet tried this method as I am not a good photographer.

Writing Articles:

Writing articles on Squidoo, e-how, Associated Content, Helium will give you chance to earn some money. Associated Content and Helium pays money as upfront payment and will also give money according to the performance of the articles. But the condition is that the article should get approved by the sites. Squidoo and e-how pays according to the performance of the articles. They pay a percentage of the adverts earnings. And they approve any articles.

Selling Digital Products

This is another profitable way of earning money. If you could write some e-books about some good topics like health tips, making money tips you are in hunt for money. Submitting the e-book to Clickbank will bring hundreds or more of affiliates to your products and could increase the sale of your product drastically. E-books are the best sold by Affiliate Marketing as it helps others to learn something new.
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